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The steel production cycle is complex and involves many nozzles for different purposes, with different purposes at each stage.

In this article, we have attempted to list the main stages involved in nozzles in steel production.

An understanding of the thermochemical processes that develop during steel production is necessary to select the most suitable nozzle/atomizer.

HAPOO’s range of nozzles for steel mills is designed to reduce the temperature of the product and the gas generated during the production process. The second purpose is to remove solid or gaseous pollutants.

steel production stage
Based on the presence of nozzles, we divide the steel production stages into the following categories:cool down、remove rust、Quenching、Dust removal、cooling in steel mills

In a steel mill, there are many cooling stages, which vary according to the format and type of finished product. Using the correct nozzle at this stage can directly control the cooling profile.

Full cone nozzle

Continuous casting cooling
During continuous casting, the required cooling parameters are extremely diverse and depend on:
The geometry of the product to be cooled
Continuous Casting Sectors Involved
Thermodynamic and metallurgical properties of the product to be cooled

Flat fan nozzle

electrode cooling
During the melting process, the goal of the nozzle is to control the temperature of the electrode.During electrode cooling, the cooling geometry and raw material are constant parameters. However, some variation may occur due to different electric field strengths between electrodes.
Rust removal in steel mills

Mixing nozzle

During quenching, when heat treatment is performed by immersing the hot part in a bucket of coolant, the mixing nozzle can amplify the flow of the nozzle.Quenching involves abruptly cooling the material after it has been brought to austenitizing temperature.

Heat treatment technology in modern metal processing is becoming more and more complex, mainly focusing on the following aspects:Process optimization by improving liquid coolant mixing and circulation by using educational nozzles in immersion buckets Replacing hydraulic nozzles with atomizing nozzles provides finer droplets and can significantly increase heat transfer rates.

full cone nozzle

HAPOO has been supplying the metallurgical industry with nozzles and specific solutions for many years, especially for dedusting.
Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is a steel production process that produces waste powders that are difficult to handle as they are defined as hazardous waste and therefore require special handling with dedusting facilities.

Our range of nozzles are designed to reduce the temperature of the product and the gases generated during the production process. In addition, it can effectively remove solid or gaseous pollutants, helping the steel industry to improve production efficiency and sustainability.

If you need to know more about our nozzle solutions for the steel industry, please contact us!

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