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Application Scenario:

Railway Tunnel Maintenance
The organization responsible for managing the rail network must manage a network of more than 16,000 kilometers in length, including 1,518 kilometers of tunnels longer than 100 meters.
The many regulations dealing with tunnel safety include information on emergency exits/exits, water for fighting fires in tunnels, fire resistance of structures, emergency telephone systems and sound diffusion, classified areas, helicopter rescue points and availability of rescue equipment. Extensive upgrading activities were carried out on existing tunnels due to the many regulations to be complied with.


Contact Our client is a construction company specializing in civil and industrial construction, natural engineering, railways, hydraulics, road tunnels, consolidation, special foundations and earthworks.
The company is doing special maintenance on a railway tunnel and one activity on the site is the removal of old plaster from the walls and roof using a track excavator with telescoping boom and cold milling machine.
The customer’s needs involved abatement of dust from cold milling machines at two locations on site:
1.In tunnels, with cold milling machines for the protection of the operator’s health;
2.Outside the tunnel, near the entrance, as some nearby private houses were affected by the dust.

HAPOO Solutions:

HAPOO’s technical and commercial departments have developed two solutions to meet the dual needs of customers.

Dust suppression in tunnels

The cold milling machines generate a lot of dust during operation, making all activities in the tunnel very difficult.
In order to solve this problem, a fixed header is designed on the outside of the housing containing the cold milling machine, on which 12 nozzles are installed, and the equipment can work continuously for up to eight hours.

Dust suppression outside the tunnel

After the cold milling machine leaves the tunnel, the dust it produces will cause trouble to all surrounding houses.
To solve this problem, a removable fog cannon was installed. This fog cannon has a spray distance of 20-25 meters, can be used by remote control, and is equipped with interchangeable nozzles to optimize water flow.

With the solution provided by HAPOO, the client succeeded in eliminating all the dust generated by the cold milling machine without regular interruption of the activity to reduce the dust.

Highlighted products

Full cone nozzles:

Full cone nozzles can produce a uniform full cone spray with a circular spray area. These nozzles feature S-shaped vanes that securely fit within the nozzle within the 3/8″ thread size. Due to its design, it can be easily disassembled and cleaned if it becomes clogged.

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