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Compact nozzle

The 1/8 nozzle is a compact automatic atomizing nozzle equipped with a single gas line, designed for use on small areas. Thread sizes for gas and liquid inlets are 1/8″ NPT or BSPT.

Design Features

The automatic atomizing nozzle is equipped with an internal gas drive for controlled “on/off” and can cycle 180 times per minute. When “on/off” is running, only the sprayer’s liquid will shut off. Liquid flow can be transferred to the nozzle body by siphon, gravity or pressure.
All nozzle components are precisely manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure smooth operation and long life. Nozzles can be made of nickel-plated brass or stainless steel. Each nozzle is equipped with a stainless steel needle valve, stainless steel flow cap and stainless steel spring.

Single gas pipeline type

With single gas line, 1/4 nozzle can be used for atomizing and driving gas. It controls pressure to drive atomizing gas and liquid during “on/off”. This type of nozzle requires a gas pressure of at least 2 bar and is capable of 180 cycles per minute.

Standard type

Gas and liquid thread inlet sizes for 1/4 nozzles are 1/4″ NPT or BSPT (female) and gas drive inlet thread sizes are 1/8″ NPT or BSPT (female). This type of nozzle is used for small flow liquid nozzles.

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