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HAPOO is a professional engineer in the field of nozzles, and we are well versed in the principles of gas absorption and desulfurization technology. The following is a brief introduction to gas absorption and chemical absorption methods:

(1) Basic principle of physical absorption
Gas absorption can be divided into physical absorption and chemical absorption. If there is no obvious chemical reaction in the absorption process, only the absorbed gas is dissolved in the liquid, which is called physical absorption, such as absorbing SO2 with water. The characteristic of physical absorption is that as the temperature increases, the amount of gas absorbed will decrease.

The degree of physical absorption depends on the gas-liquid equilibrium. As long as the partial pressure of the absorbing gas in the gas phase is greater than the partial pressure of the liquid phase at equilibrium, the absorption process will proceed. Because the driving force of the physical absorption process is very small and the absorption rate is low, in engineering design, the partial pressure of the purified gas phase needs to be greater than the partial pressure of the gas-liquid equilibrium. Due to the low rate of physical absorption, physical absorption is rarely used alone in modern smoke.

(2) Basic principle of chemical absorption method
If the absorbed gas components react chemically with the components of the absorbing liquid, it is called chemical absorption, such as using caustic soda to absorb SO2. The use of solid absorbents to chemically react with the absorbing components and separate them from the flue gas is also chemical absorption. For example, spraying calcium oxide (CaO) in the furnace for flue gas desulfurization is also chemical absorption. During chemical absorption, the absorbed gas reacts with liquid phase components, thereby effectively reducing the partial pressure of the absorbed gas on the surface of the liquid phase. This increases the driving force of the absorption process, ie increases the absorption efficiency and reduces the gas phase partial pressure of the absorbed gas. Therefore, the chemical absorption rate is much greater than the physical absorption rate.

In flue gas desulfurization, it is necessary to instantaneously and continuously purify a large amount of flue gas containing low concentration SO2. If only physical absorption is used, it is difficult to meet SO2 emission standards due to its low purification efficiency. Therefore, chemical absorption method is widely used in flue gas desulfurization technology. The chemical absorption method is relatively mature in technology, has rich operating experience and strong practicability, and has become the most widely used common flue gas desulfurization technology.

In the desulfurization tower and desulfurization dust collector, the flue gas containing SO2 is washed with caustic soda, so that the SO2 in the flue gas can be chemically absorbed. In order to strengthen the absorption process, improve desulfurization efficiency, and reduce equipment investment and operating costs, desulfurization towers and desulfurization dust collectors should meet the following basic requirements:
(1) There is a large contact area and a certain gas-liquid contact time;
(2) Strong gas-liquid interference, small absorption resistance, high SO2 absorption efficiency;
(3) The operation is stable and must have appropriate operational flexibility;
(4) The pressure drop when the air flow passes should be small;
(5) Simple structure, convenient manufacture and maintenance, low cost and long service life;
(6) No fouling, no clogging, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant;
(7) Low energy consumption and no secondary pollution.

As a professional engineer in the nozzle field, HAPOO has efficient desulfurization nozzles and chemical absorption technology to provide you with high-quality desulfurization solutions. In HAPOO’s factory, we adhere to the spirit of innovation, continuously improve technology and quality, and provide reliable solutions for your desulfurization needs. Choose HAPOO and build a clean and environmentally friendly future with us.

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