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Biorefineries are industrial plants that convert raw materials into biological products or biochemicals for the production of polymers, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, food, feed and other materials.

“The biomass to be converted can be of many types: waste, wood, sugar, straw, corn, and even algae. These raw materials are renewable, which means they can be reintegrated by nature relatively quickly, making biorefineries a model for the renewable energy industry.”

The treated biomass can be sugars, starches, wood, various types of oils and wastes.

From these processes we obtain biomaterials based on wood, paper, fibers, polymers, biofuels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, surfactants, energy and heat.


By biorefining wheat, they obtain starch, gluten, feed and glucose syrup. They serve the paper, food and livestock industries.

The need is to efficiently clean the grids of condensers within biorefineries. Before HAPOO stepped in, the grid was simply cleaned through a nozzle located directly above the condenser.


HAPOO Technology has developed a multi-pipe system and nozzles with jets that cover the grid evenly, ensuring a higher level of cleanliness than previous single-nozzle systems.
A three-arm multi-pipe was suspended 30 cm from the grid with a total of 6 full-cone nozzles spraying 2% water and soda at 80°C.


This solution ensures excellent coverage of the mesh. Before intervention, the flow rate of a single nozzle was 2.5m³/h. After intervention, the total flow rate of the six nozzles is 4m³/h.

Full Cone Nozzle:

Full cone nozzles are widely used in industry. They provide uniform spray coverage and are available in a variety of thread sizes, spray angles and flow rates to meet environmental requirements.

HAPOO’s technical solutions can effectively optimize the cleaning process of the grid in the biorefinery, providing customers with efficient water-saving and energy-saving cleaning solutions. Our multi-pipe system and full-cone nozzles ensure excellent coverage of the mesh, resulting in increased productivity and product quality. Any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your attention, I hope the above information can help you better understand our products and services.

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