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At present, the traditional oil tank cleaning method mainly relies on manual labor. However, there are many problems in manual oil tank cleaning, such as large manpower input, long cleaning cycle, poor safety, low recovery rate, and environmental pollution. Using traditional manual oil tank cleaning methods, although the cost is low, the 3%-5% sludge at the bottom of the oil tank is difficult to deal with. Manual oil tank cleaning does not meet the environmental and development goals.

To solve these problems, we offer the following efficient cleaning methods:

Use steam to cook chemical storage tanks. When injecting steam, pay attention to the pressure and flow of steam. Steam is injected slowly using low pressure to prevent the danger of static buildup. In addition, too fast injection rate and too high pressure may cause structural damage to the tank body.
When cleaning the storage tank, it should be from high to low to ensure that no dead ends are left.
After the chemical storage tank was cooked for 3 hours, stop injecting steam into the chemical storage tank. Tanks are flushed using automated tank cleaning nozzles. When flushing, the water pressure shall not be lower than 180kpa, and the waste water and residue generated by flushing shall be properly disposed of.
After the tank has been cooked, cleaned and cooled, the tank is inspected with measuring instruments. Mainly check the storage tank: oxygen content, toxic gas content and flammable gas content. If the test results do not meet the national standards, the above three steps should be repeated.
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