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There are three main types of desulfurization towers for ships: open desulfurization towers, closed desulfurization towers and hybrid desulfurization towers.

Open desulfurization tower:

The open desulfurization tower uses seawater to clean the flue gas. Seawater is usually slightly alkaline. In the desulfurization tower, the seawater is fully mixed with the flue gas through spraying, and the sulfur oxides are neutralized in the seawater, and then the clean flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere. The open desulfurization tower usually includes: seawater supply system, desulfurization tower, control unit, washing water monitoring unit, flue gas monitoring device, etc.
The open desulfurization tower system is simple in composition, relatively low in cost, and easy to modify. However, the washing water needs to be discharged directly into the sea, which is not allowed in some countries and regions, and cannot be used in these regions, only low-sulfur fuel oil or light diesel oil can be used.

Closed desulfurization tower:

Closed scrubbers use fresh water with added chemicals as wash water, usually using NaOH, Mg(OH)2, NaCO3, etc. Then, the wash water mixed with lye is used as the flue gas scrubbing medium, and the wash water is recovered in a closed system, usually stored in a system cabinet. When the closed system is started, the circulation pump draws the washing water out of the system cabinet, and sends it to the washing tower after being cooled by the heat exchanger. In the process, seawater will be used as make-up and cooling water. The water treatment system will continue to extract the long-term use of washing water from the system cabinet for treatment, so that the water quality can reach the standard. The lye will be used as the main reaction medium and will be continuously added to the wash water to participate in the desulfurization reaction.
The main components of the closed desulfurization tower system include: seawater supply system, fresh water cooling circulation system, desulfurization tower, control unit, wastewater treatment equipment, washing water monitoring unit, dosing system, flue gas monitoring device, etc.

The control of the closed desulfurization tower is relatively complicated, the cost is high, it is not economical in the open sea, and the installation and transformation are relatively complicated. Wash water is not discharged directly into the sea, but is usually treated upon arrival in port without polluting seawater. Can be used in some controlled areas.

Hybrid desulfurization tower:

The hybrid desulfurization tower combines the characteristics of open and closed desulfurization towers, can be switched flexibly, and inherits the advantages of open and closed desulfurization towers. But it comes with more complex controls, more complicated composition and higher costs. Usually larger than closed and widely used.

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