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High-pressure water mist nozzles are an important part of the fire extinguishing system. In order to achieve good fire extinguishing performance, we will manufacture high-pressure water mist nozzles according to specific data. Let’s analyze the reference factors for the design of high-pressure water mist nozzles.

The formation mechanism of fine water mist:

When water passes through a high-pressure spray nozzle, small water jets or thin water films are formed. These water jets, or films, interact with the atmosphere and are broken up into small water droplets to form fine mist. The quality standard of fine water mist is calculated based on the average diameter of water mist droplets.

Consideration parameters of high pressure water mist nozzle

Stainless steel high pressure water mist nozzle

Working pressure: The water droplets produced by the high pressure water mist nozzle are finer than the medium and low pressure water mist, and the flow rate is smaller.

Flow rate: refers to the total amount of water mist particles sprayed by the nozzle per unit time, and the flow rate depends on the cross-sectional area of the nozzle and the water flow velocity.

Particle size (droplet size) distribution: usually calculated using functions.

Fog particle feature quantity: In practical applications, the volume average particle size is usually used to measure the fog particle feature quantity.

Momentum of fog particles: determined by the diameter of fog particles. The magnitude of the momentum determines the fire extinguishing performance.

Spray angle: The size of the spray angle will affect the installation height and protection range of the nozzle. Nozzles with a small spray angle are installed at high places and concentrated combustion areas. The size of the spray angle is determined by the design of the nozzle structure.

Range: The range is directly related to the momentum of the fog particles. The range determines the maximum installation height of the nozzle.

Protection diameter: refers to the diameter of the water drop circle covered on the plane 1 meter away from the nozzle.

The spray area of the high-pressure water mist nozzle is mainly calculated by the above parameters.

Maintenance tips for high pressure water mist nozzles

Normal state of high pressure water mist nozzle:

Appearance is good, nozzle is not clogged or blocked.

The glass bubble of the closed nozzle was not found to be damaged.

We need to check the status of the nozzles regularly to make sure the nozzles are working properly. The purpose of maintaining high-pressure water mist nozzles is to ensure the normal function of the nozzles and perform regular maintenance.

Professional engineers in the field of HAPOO nozzles are committed to providing customers with high-quality high-pressure water mist nozzles to meet different fire extinguishing needs. Our high-pressure water mist nozzles adopt exquisite design and high-quality materials to ensure their stable and reliable performance. By optimizing the structure and parameters of the nozzle, our nozzle can generate fine water mist, which can quickly cool down and effectively extinguish the fire during the fire extinguishing process, ensuring the safety of personnel and property.

For more information or inquiries about HAPOO high pressure water mist nozzles, please feel free to contact us.

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