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In the humidification industry, dry fog humidifiers are now widely used. This system is currently widely used in printing, electronics, chemical industry, automobile, air-conditioning humidity chamber and other industries, and has received good response in all walks of life. So, how does this humidification system compare to other humidification solutions? First, we need to start with its name.

Dry fog humidification system, why is it called dry fog? In simple terms, when the humidifier is working, you put your hand at a distance of 10 cm from the humidifier, your hands will not get wet, and you will not feel water sticking to your hands, this is dry fog. That’s not to say that dry mist isn’t water, but this humidifier mixes compressed air with water and sprays fine water particles as small as 7.5 microns from precision-machined nozzles. Because the particles are so small, they will be suspended in the air during the spraying process, unlike other humidification systems, whose atomized particles will directly stay on the object after touching the object, forming water droplets.

Expert engineers in the field of HAPOO nozzles, we will re-write the above information to make it more understandable, more marketing effective, and concise.

HAPOO dry fog humidification system is the latest generation of high-efficiency humidification solution. The system uses dry fog technology to achieve uniform spraying of fine water particles. It not only has excellent humidification effect, but also does not make the contact objects wet. Compared with traditional steam humidification system, HAPOO dry fog humidification system has many advantages.

Energy-saving and high-efficiency: HAPOO dry fog humidification system adopts pneumatic nozzles to realize the spraying of dry fog. Compared with the traditional steam humidification system, the operating cost is only one-fifth of it, which greatly reduces energy consumption and saves humidification costs.

Static Elimination: The dry fog humidification system effectively prevents static electricity generation, and avoids product damage and dust adhesion caused by static electricity. It is especially suitable for industries such as electronic manufacturing and printing to improve product quality and reduce defect rates.

Fine water particles: HAPOO dry fog humidification system uses a special nozzle to achieve uniform spraying of fine water particles. These dry fog particles are extremely fine, with a diameter of less than 10 microns. Compared with the traditional humidification system, the dry mist particles will not wet the contact objects, which is more environmentally friendly and efficient.

Strong adaptability: HAPOO dry fog humidification system is flexible and changeable, and can control humidity in a wide space or local area. Its automatic control system can adjust the spray volume according to the environmental requirements and adapt to various environmental needs.

HAPOO dry fog humidification system is widely used in many industries such as static electricity prevention, energy saving, cooling effect improvement, and healthy environment maintenance. Especially suitable for electronics, printing, automobile manufacturing, pulp manufacturing, paint spraying, plastic production and other industries. Whether it is a large factory or a small workshop, the HAPOO dry fog humidification system can provide you with a perfect humidification solution.

HAPOO is committed to providing you with high-quality wetting equipment and professional technical support. Our dry fog humidification systems are the most advanced and efficient humidification solutions on the market. Feel free to contact us for more details or to arrange a demo.

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