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Why use detectable plastics in the food industry?

At every stage of product handling in the food industry, we must avoid contamination from any source and the absence of contaminants is critical. Additionally, numerous regulations ensure the quality of the final product. If a batch of product is contaminated with debris from plant equipment, its integrity will be compromised. Nozzles, grippers and cleaning heads made of detectable materials minimize the risk of contamination.

To prevent food producers from having any problems in this regard, HAPOO has introduced its classic products (nozzles, cleaning heads, grippers) manufactured in MDT material (Metal Detecting Plastic).

What is Metal Detecting Plastic?

Plastics that contain additives that allow them to be identified by metal detectors are defined as “detectable plastics”.

Metal detectors detect plastic materials used in the food industry to prevent accidental contamination of the supply chain due to fragmented components of machinery and process equipment.

MDT compounds can be detected by any detector, even when they are present in tiny fractions, making them ideal for metal replacement.

Compared to compounds containing ferromagnetic powder, MDT compounds are traceable by all metal detectors on the market.

In addition, MDT compounds do not require steel or metal powders and contain no carbon, graphite or carbon black fibers. Due to these properties, components made with MDT do not release powders or particles during operation, which are difficult to control and may therefore spread in the working environment and contaminate the process or finished product.

MDT products are suitable for food contact and are produced in dark blue for easier identification in any case.

What are the advantages of using metal detection plastic nozzles, cleaning heads and fixtures?

1 | Detectability
Most detectable plastics can be detected by X-ray, magnetically and visually, thanks to their color.
This makes them easy to identify in both finished and semi-finished products.

2 | Floating
Detectable plastics float and are easier to spot.

3 | Chemical resistance
Like all plastics, detectable plastics are extremely chemically resistant.

What are HAPOO’s metal detection plastic products?

tank cleaning head

Equivalent to UBX series
Flow: 40 l/min @ 3 bar
Coverage: 360°

Hollow cone nozzle

Flow: 3.90 l/min @ 3 bar Spray angle: 90° Thread: 3/8 inch internal thread

HAPOO’s metal detection plastic nozzles, cleaning heads and fixtures will ensure maximum safety and efficiency when designing your food processing equipment. Manufactured from chemically resistant materials, our products are suitable for special requirements in contact with food.

To learn more about our MDT products, please click here.

For customized nozzle solutions and technical support, please feel free to contact our technical team.

Choose HAPOO’s MDT nozzle system to ensure the efficient and stable operation of your food processing equipment and ensure the safety and quality of the production line.

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