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There are certain safety hazards in the production, application, storage and transportation of chemicals in the horizontal oil tank of tank trucks. Nowadays, the production and application of chemicals are becoming more and more common. It has the properties of corrosion, poison, combustion, explosion, combustion support, etc., especially for some dangerous chemicals, if it leaks, the residue or overflow is extremely risky. It may cause corrosion and damage to the storage tank. After the tank truck has shipped liquid chemicals once, if the residual chemicals in the tank are not cleared and disposed of in time, it will pollute the liquid products stored next time and the surrounding environment. Therefore, the cleaning of hazardous chemicals tankers is very important. Railway tank cars and tank cars are important tools for transporting liquid materials. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical, edible oil and other transportation fields, and their number is increasing year by year. The interior of these tankers and tankers must be cleaned before depot repairs, factory repairs and material replacement. If it is calculated that the average number of car washes per year is 1.5 times, the cleaning workload is quite large.

360 tank cleaning nozzle
At present, there are more than 300 tank cleaning companies in the market, and 60% of them have an annual car washing capacity of more than 1,000 units. Except for a few of these tank cleanings that use automatic cleaning, most of them still use the backward steam car washing process. This method is to use low-pressure steam to cook, volatilize the residue in the tank into the atmosphere, and then wash it and then dry it. Tank cleaning is an indispensable and important device to ensure the quality and safety of oil transportation. Therefore, doing a good job of washing the horizontal oil tanker is an important link to ensure the smooth delivery of oil products.

Gas station tanker cleaning system
360° tank cleaning nozzle cleaning operation is simple, safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection. The process flow mainly includes the following parts: tank car alignment and residue extraction, cleaning machine alignment, low-pressure water cluster jet cleaning the inner wall of the tank car while vacuum pump suction, manual cleaning of residues and wiping, and blasting to dry the tank car.

One. HAPOO 360° Tank Cleaning Nozzle cleaning system
HAPOO 360° Tank Cleaning Nozzle is a high-pressure water jet automatic cleaning system designed and developed by HAPOO for the cleaning of hazardous chemical tank trucks. Because it is fully automatic cleaning, it avoids the unsafety of manual cleaning, and has high cleaning efficiency, cleaning Low cost and good cleaning quality. HAPOO 360° Tank Cleaning Nozzle High-pressure water jet automatic railway tanker and tanker cleaning system is mainly composed of three-dimensional tank washer, high-pressure cleaner, feeding mechanism, traction device, control operating system, etc.

Two. Working process of railway transportation tank car cleaning system: When the cleaning fluid enters the cavity at high pressure from the connecting rod port, and passes through the fixed impeller, a huge impact force is formed, which drives the rotating impeller to rotate at a high speed. The main body realizes 360° rotation along the Y axis, and the X main body realizes 360° revolution around the Y axis while rotating 360° around the X axis through meshing with the bevel gear of the Y main body. Therefore, the spraying direction of the nozzle can be directed to all directions of the inner wall of the container, so as to realize all-round cleaning without dead angle.

HAPOO 360° Tank Cleaning Nozzle is to realize the precise alignment of the high-pressure cleaner and the tank mouth. It is composed of alignment mechanism, inner frame, outer frame, etc. It is equipped with a petrol station with a motor power of 4Kw. HAPOO 360° Tank Cleaning Nozzle is arranged outside the safety line of the tank car track, parallel to the railway line; a hydraulic winch is installed on the outer support, the hydraulic winch drives the alignment mechanism to rise and fall through the wire, and the front end of the alignment mechanism has a slider and a high-pressure cleaning The machine connecting slider can move forward and backward, and its movement direction is always perpendicular to the axis of the tanker. The lifting height is 2.35m, and the maximum lifting speed is 2m/min.

Three. Advantages of HAPOO 360° Tank Cleaning Nozzle Hazardous Chemical Tanker Cleaning System: HAPOO 360° Tank Cleaning Nozzle uses a pressurized pump to pressurize the used water to 3~15bar, and cleans the inner wall of the tank through the tank washer nozzle of the washer.
The tank washer nozzle rotates horizontally, while the central body rotates vertically, and the three-dimensional space 360° quickly and efficiently flushes the entire int

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