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The new line of full cone spray nozzles are more reliable, versatile and have improved spray distribution.

Tested and approved by thousands of customers, the D-type full-cone nozzle deserves further improvement to solidify its reliability and versatility.

Therefore, HAPOO is proud to introduce a new series of full cone nozzles, which is an upgraded version of the D series full cone nozzles.

Design phase

Our technical department used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques to design this new range. Our goal is to obtain a nozzle whose spray angle does not vary between 1 and 10 bar at the inlet pressure.

The classic full cone nozzle, also known as a turbulent nozzle, uses a specially shaped swirler located at the inlet to provide rotational velocity to the fluid passing through the nozzle. Due to the rotational speed of the fluid, the water flow from the nozzle orifice is diffused by centrifugal force, taking on the shape of a full cone.

Spray angles can vary from 15° to 120°, depending on nozzle design and supply pressure. Our technicians ensure uniform spray angle regardless of inlet pressure by designing a patented porous cyclone.

Technical Information

This new range of nozzles provides a full cone spray with a specific spray angle independent of inlet pressure (1 to 10 bar).

The spray distribution is very even and symmetrical, covering the circular impingement area very evenly, while this perforated cyclone – already patented – guarantees a uniform spray angle, regardless of the inlet pressure.

Spacious internal passages prevent nozzle clogging and guarantee low local velocities even in the presence of large particles, resulting in increased wear resistance. And controlled internal turbulence maintains stability and reliability over the entire operating pressure range.

If you are interested in our new series of nozzles and want to know more information, please visit our company’s official website. Our team of professional engineers are on hand to provide further advice and assistance, and to ensure you select the nozzle that best suits your needs.

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