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In March 2021, the automotive market grew significantly compared to the same period in 2020: +62.7%, with 1,387,924 registered vehicles.

However, despite this substantial increase, it only partially compensates for the market’s large loss in March 2020: a 52% decline. Compared to March 2019, this represents a decrease of 21.6%*.


Customers who turn to HAPOO for help belong to the auto parts industry and operate in Germany.

The customer needs to cool the aluminum tube with water from the inside after the quenching stage. Specifically, the pipe needs to be cooled to 250°C within 2 seconds.

Therefore, the cooling needs to meet the following requirements:

fast: In order to obtain the required mechanical properties through the tempering stage;

Orientation:In order to avoid geometric deformation and ovalization of the pipe, the cooling water must be sprayed evenly along the axial direction of the pipe.

HAPOO solution:

HAPOO Technology Division solves customer problems using computational fluid dynamics software.

The pipe to be cooled was first modeled with a length of 100mm and an inner diameter of 70mm. Subsequently, a custom-made cooling head was developed capable of reducing the temperature of the pipe by 250°C in 2 seconds.

Starting with our stationary sprinklers, our engineering team designs a product for a specific application scenario.


With the solution provided by HAPOO, the customer successfully achieved the required cooling level and avoided geometric deformation of the pipes.

Product focus:

Fixed nozzle

These devices are suitable for cleaning small containers where only the flushing action is required. Recommended for use with lower water supply pressure.

Through the above technical means, our solutions can provide efficient and customized cooling solutions for your auto parts industry. If you have any questions or learn more about our products, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for reading and look forward to working with you.

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