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In the field of liquid transportation, tank car cleaning is a key step to ensure the quality and safety of oil products. For the traditional steam fumigation cleaning and high-pressure water cleaning methods, we HAPOO provide you with efficient, environmentally friendly and safe tank car cleaning solutions.

The traditional steam fumigation cleaning method has many shortcomings, including a large amount of steam consumption and long-term heating, which is easy to cause environmental pollution; the operation is complicated, labor-intensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive; during the manual cleaning process, harmful media in the tank may bring risks; heavy oil pollution is difficult to completely remove, and the cleaning efficiency is not high.

In comparison, the high-pressure water cleaning method provided by HAPOO has many advantages. Firstly, high-pressure water cleaning has the characteristics of high efficiency and fast cleaning, which saves time; secondly, the cleaning process is safer and reduces labor intensity; at the same time, compared with steam fumigation cleaning, high-pressure water cleaning consumes less energy and water resources; finally, HAPOO’s high-pressure water cleaning nozzles for tank trucks are carefully designed so that they will not cause excessive pressure on the tank and ensure the safety of the tank.

Our HAPOO’s factory has a fully automatic tank car cleaning system, using high-pressure water jet technology, to provide you with efficient, environmentally friendly and safe tank car cleaning solutions. While ensuring the quality and safety of oil products, we are also committed to reducing cleaning costs, improving cleaning efficiency, and providing high-quality support for your liquid transportation business.

No more hesitation, choose HAPOO, let our high-pressure water cleaning tank truck nozzles bring you a new cleaning experience, and ensure your oil transportation is unimpeded.

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