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HAPOO has launched a new air nozzle accessory, a magnetic base with a flexible direction hose for blowing air nozzles.

Compatible with all HAPOO jet nozzles (not included), this magnetic base can be easily attached to all types of magnetic metal surfaces, even inclined ones, thanks to the magnetic base with a magnetic force of 20 kg.The attached hose is semi-rigid steel to precisely direct the air jet. Hose length varies between 270 mm and 287 mm depending on the connection type of male or female air jet nozzles.The connection diameter of the air jet nozzle is 1/4 inch, and the design of the air inlet nozzle is 8 mm pipe diameter; the magnetic base is also equipped with an air shut-off valve.

This new addition to the HAPOO product line is a magnetic base with flexible direction hose for blowing nozzles.

Magnetic Base Performance

Maximum working temperature: 80°C
Body material: PVDF
Parts material: Hose: AISI 316L stainless steel; Magnet: NdFeB; Valve: AISI 304 Working pressure: maximum 10BAR
Connection: Compressed air inlet: Ø8mm; Nozzle: 1/4 inch
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Application of magnetic base

The application of the magnetic base is very wide:

Removes dust, liquids or process residues
cool down
parts cleaning
Blowing and Material Handling


Easy to install without screws, threads or holes, suitable for all blowing operations, flexible and precise, adaptable to all processes.
Safety、reliable、light、accurate、easy to install、multi-position

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