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HAPOO offers solutions for flexible and customized removal of stubborn residues in cement production.

Industry Background:

The Role of Nozzles in Cement Production
The first stage of cement production is mining, where the two main components are obtained: limestone and clay. It is then milled and dried to convert the raw material into a fine powder and stored as a homogeneous flour.

The resulting mixture goes into a furnace at 1450°C where it becomes “clinker”. The final stage is to mix and grind the clinker with gypsum and any minor ingredients.


A manufacturer of cement machinery contacted us because they needed to regularly clean the residue of the liquid concrete drainage cone Since cleaning is done in cycles to avoid dry and stubborn residues, they needed a static cleaning system that was put into operation when needed.


HAPOO’s technical department has designed a cleaning system for the discharge cone, consisting of a circular header at the top of the cone, equipped with 6 full cone D nozzles and swivel joints.

The manifold accommodates 6 nozzles with a spray angle of 120°, oriented by swivel joints.


With cleaning solutions from HAPOO, customers get a flexible and adaptable cleaning system that can be activated at any time.

The drain cone effectively washes as needed, preventing hard-to-remove dry concrete residue.


Full Cone Nozzle: With wide channel X-shaped blades, it provides a complete selection of spray angles, flow ranges from 1.18 to 1.420 L/min, and connection sizes from 1/8 inch to 4 inches.

Standard Rotary Union: For manufacturing plants that require product variety. Fittings are easily installed and adjusted by tightening the hex nut.

Our nozzles and cleaning units provide efficient solutions for cement production, ensuring smooth operation of equipment and optimization of production processes.

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