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HAPOO designs a misting system for desalination systems

What is a desalination system?

The so-called “desalination” refers to the process of removing salt from water containing salt, generally refers to sea water. The purpose is to obtain water with a low salt content. The system used for this purpose is called a “water maker”.

Evaporative desalination is the process by which water is evaporated and obtained by condensation. Usually a liquid waste is obtained that is more saline than the feed water, and the solid waste is crystalline sodium chloride. Evaporation is done by spraying brine onto a heat exchanger in which steam flows so that part of the liquid content evaporates with a very low percentage of salt.

Evaporative desalination is used to produce desalinated water on a large scale. This type of still operates at relatively high temperatures (between 40 and 200°C) and must therefore be constructed of materials that are resistant to caustic corrosion.


Contact our customer is a manufacturer of industrial evaporative desalination systems. They needed to install 216 full-cone nozzles in the six headers of a water maker to spray seawater onto the heat exchangers. The first four headers are designed to contain 42 nozzles each, while the last two headers have 24 nozzles each, for a total of 3 desalination and evaporation units.

The surface to be wetted is the tube side heat exchanger with steam. These nozzles are located 50 cm from the beam and must guarantee maximum uniformity of wetting to avoid flooded areas or insufficient wetting to ensure adequate heat exchange.

These nozzles must be supplied in S31803 super duplex stainless steel material which is highly resistant to seawater corrosion.

HAPOO’s solution

Given the flow limitations (116 l/min at 3 bar) and the required ¾-inch connections, the HAPOO technical department determined the E-type helix full-cone nozzle and achieved the flow reduction with an insert.


The full cone E nozzle is an excellent solution for this system as it is a durable product. Its unique shape reduces clogging and produces wider spray coverage than other nozzles under the same operating conditions.

When designing your desalination system, HAPOO’s spiral full cone nozzle and header system will ensure maximum spray uniformity and an efficient evaporated water manufacturing process. Manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials, our nozzles meet the special needs of seawater environments.

full cone nozzle

The full-cone nozzle works on the principle of impact, and the water flow is deflected and impacted on the surface of the spiral shape, thereby producing the required spray angle.

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Now choose HAPOO’s nozzle system to make your seawater desalination system run efficiently and stably, ensuring the service life and performance of your equipment.

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