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A cooling system with hydraulic atomizers optimizes the process in waste heat boilers

Application Scenario:

Energy Recovery in Industrial Processes
High energy costs and the need to reduce CO2 emissions underscore the importance of optimizing the efficiency of all production processes

With the help of heat recovery systems, waste heat generated in many industrial processes can be converted into energy and re-circulated within the same plant.

Recovery boilers are one of those industrial installations that capture energy that would otherwise be lost in incompletely burned waste products.


Contact our company in the design, construction and installation of large boilers for power plants.The requirement is to design a cooling system for the flash tank of the recovery boiler.
The tank collects emissions and exhaust residue from other piping, cools it, and sends it to a turbine that generates additional energy.
The temperature of the inlet steam can be as high as 90°C, while the maximum temperature of the cooling water is 70°C.

HAPOO Solution:

HAPOO Technology developed a cooling system consisting of 14 headers connected by hydraulic atomizers, located inside the flash tank.
Considering that the purpose of this project is to cool a superheated vapor stream, for a given volume of fluid, the smaller the average size of the small droplets produced by the atomizer, the larger the heat transfer surface.
Therefore, we use an atomizer to produce a fine hollow cone spray.
The system designed by HAPOO optimizes the gas cooling process using hydraulic atomizers, using less water than conventional nozzles to achieve the desired outlet gas temperature.

Product :

Hollow Cone Hydraulic Atomizer:

The hollow cone nozzle produces a finely atomized hollow cone spray. They contain a precisely machined slit insert that can be easily removed for cleaning if a clog occurs.

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