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High-flow air atomizing nozzles are one of the common faults in the working process of sprayers. In order to better solve this problem, we offer you the following solutions:

If the gap between the hollow shaft and the quill shaft is too small, the gap should be increased; if the two are clogged by the ingress of sediment, they should be removed and cleaned; during the installation process, the quill shaft is too tight and should be loosened appropriately.

Boom opening angle too small. If the spring of the spray boom is too tight, it should be adjusted appropriately; if the installation of the spray boom is too high, the water guide plate cannot completely cut into the water tongue, and the height should be lowered; if the spray boom and the spray boom shaft are too tight, the gap should be increased;

The boom opening angle is large enough, but the impact is weak. The reason is that the guide cuts into the water tongue too deeply, causing the spray boom to be broken down before it fully impacts the spray body. At this time, the impact block should be thickened.

Therefore, if you find that the nozzle cannot rotate normally during use, you can refer to the above methods to check and take corresponding measures to solve the problem.

Expert engineers in the field of HAPOO nozzles, we are well aware of the impact nozzle failure can have on sprayer performance and efficiency. To provide higher reliability and efficiency, our nozzles are designed with advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure stable spray performance and long-lasting service life.

HAPOO high-flow air atomizing nozzle has excellent spray effect and large flow characteristics, and is suitable for environmental protection projects such as dust removal and gas desulfurization in various environments. Our nozzles adopt an advanced multi-stage atomization design, which can adjust the liquid flow rate to ensure a stable spray effect, which is not affected by air pressure and hydraulic pressure fluctuations. In order to better meet your needs, we provide options for different spray angles and flow ranges.

HAPOO is committed to providing you with high-performance and high-efficiency nozzle solutions. Feel free to contact us for more details or for demo opportunities.

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