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Oil Spray Nozzle

In the ever-evolving realm of automotive engineering, precision and innovation are paramount. For years, our dedicated team has been pioneering cutting-edge oil spray nozzles, transforming the landscape of petrol and diesel engines. Originally designed for piston cooling in high-performance engines, these nozzles have found versatile applications in the automotive and motorcycle industry, from chain lubrication to clutch and generator cooling.

A Symphony of Engineering and Precision

Our oil spray nozzles operate seamlessly, ensuring the optimal functioning of engines. When the oil pressure reaches a specific threshold, a valve elegantly opens, releasing a predetermined quantity of oil at a precisely defined angle onto the piston crown. This meticulous process guarantees superior engine performance and longevity.

Two Ingenious Variants

We offer two fundamental designs: the robust rigid system with a spring and ball or spring and piston (one-piece), and the versatile two-piece system with a banjo bolt. These variants cater to diverse engine requirements, demonstrating our commitment to engineering excellence.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Collaborating closely with vehicle and engine manufacturers, we have crafted a myriad of versions, adapting tube geometries, technical designs, and requirements to individual engine variants and installation conditions. Our modular system empowers us to offer an array of solutions, from bespoke designs for niche applications to mass production runs numbering in the millions.

Advantages of Our Innovation

Vertical Integration: Our high vertical range of manufacturing, including in-house soldering, allows us to offer tailored solutions even for small quantities, ensuring flexibility for diverse customer needs.

Automated Precision: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our partly automated production processes guarantee precision and efficiency. Robot-controlled tube bending and insertion machines, specially developed automatic assembly systems, and automatic oil testing machines equipped with robotic precision ensure our products meet the highest standards.

Competitive Pricing: Thanks to our automated production capabilities, we provide our customers with attractive pricing without compromising on quality.

Experience the Future of Engine Performance

Harness the power of our decades-long experience in the field. Our innovative oil spray nozzles not only cool pistons but also enhance the overall efficiency and longevity of engines. Join us in revolutionizing the automotive and motorcycle industry, one precisely sprayed droplet at a time. Elevate your engineering standards with our pioneering solutions.

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