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Fan Spray Tip

Fan Spray Tip represent the pinnacle of precision engineering, ensuring high impact and uniform liquid distribution with spray angles reaching up to 60°. Particularly adept at low flow rates, these nozzles find their niche in humidifying and general spraying applications. The ingenious flow geometry enables the production of accurate, compact sprays and is available in various distribution patterns to cater to diverse needs.

High-Pressure Excellence: The Stainless Steel Wonder Our Fan Spray Tip are crafted from hardened stainless steel, ensuring a sharp and uniform flat fan spray. This specialized design guarantees optimal performance, making it ideal for applications demanding precision and durability.

Flat Fan Spray Atomization Unveiled: Mastering the Art Fan Spray Tip boast a spray pattern characterized by a sharply delimited line, a result of their internal flow dynamics. The coverage width can be tailored by adjusting the geometric configuration of the nozzle orifices. This careful calibration shapes the liquid into flat, fan-like patterns. As the liquid travels away from the nozzle orifice, it transforms into droplets, creating parabolic, trapezoidal, or rectangular impact areas.

Tongue-Type Nozzles: Clog-Proof Marvels In the realm of Fan Spray Tip atomization, tongue-type nozzles stand as a special innovation. These nozzles generate a flat fan pattern through a solid stream impacting an external deflector plate, aptly named “the tongue.” Notably clog-proof, these nozzles produce a sharply delimited flat fan pattern, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging conditions.

Fan Spray Tip : Parabolic Spray Arrangement

Fan Spray Tip: Nozzle Geometries

Understanding the intricacies of these nozzles elevates spraying and humidification processes to an art form. By sharing this knowledge, we contribute to a community of experts, enhancing the precision and efficiency of spraying applications worldwide.

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