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HAPOO has designed a new solution for sewage tank cleaning on yachts

When sailing offshore, crews must strictly follow regulations to dispose of chemically treated sewage 3 miles from shore, while untreated sewage should be disposed of 15 miles from shore.

The law mandates that all ports must install fixed or mobile solutions to supply all vessels, including fishing boats and yachts, for unloading the waste generated, whether it is wastewater, hold water, oil or solid waste.

A ship’s sewage system can be of different types and sizes, depending on the size of the ship, but in general, they all use sewage tanks and filter membranes.
One of the key operations is maintaining the system and cleaning the recovery tank.


The customer who contacted HAPOO was a manufacturer of sewage treatment systems for small or mid-sized yachts.
There is a need to find an efficient, repeatable and verifiable method to clean the recovery tanks of sewage treatment systems. Before we got involved, cleaning was done with a manual cleaning system and spray nozzles already installed on the yacht.

HAPOO’s solution

The HAPOO technical department designed a multi-pipeline system equipped with nozzles and waste tank cleaning heads.
Four sewage tank cleaning heads are installed at the end of the H-shaped multi-pipe, and four spiral full-cone nozzles are installed at the center part. The purpose of the spiral nozzle is to clean the most difficult to reach areas.


The system developed by HAPOO enables optimal cleaning of the waste water tanks of the sewage system. The process is automated, verifiable and repeatable without manual intervention.


full cone nozzle

Full cone nozzles are based on the impact principle and provide the desired spray angle by deflecting the water stream as it strikes a helical surface.

Sewage tank cleaning head

Internal and external surfaces are machined, deburred, cleaned and polished to precisely defined roughness levels to avoid bacterial growth contamination.

To optimize yacht sewage treatment and comply with regulatory requirements, choose HAPOO’s full cone nozzle and sewage tank cleaning head system to ensure your yacht operation is more efficient and environmentally friendly. For more information, click here.

For customized nozzle solutions and technical support, please feel free to contact our technical team.

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