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Water in Mixed Metal Heat Treatment in HAPOO Ejectors

HAPOO Provides liquid mixing and agitation solutions for the steel and metal industries. We have launched a HAPOO ejector system for water mixing in the heat treatment of metals.

Industry: Steel and Metal Industry
Application: Liquid mixing and stirring
Problem: Incomplete gas nitriding process
Solution: 2 systems equipped with ejectors

For the heat treatment of metals, our ejector systems play an important role in the gas nitriding process. Gas nitriding is a low-temperature thermochemical diffusion process that increases the wear resistance, surface hardness and fatigue strength of steel and ferrous materials through nitrogen diffusion.

Typically, this process is applied to gears, crankshafts, camshafts, piercing rollers, valve components, springs, extrusion screws, die casting dies, stamping dies, aluminum extrusion dies, fuel injectors, and plastic molds, among others.

The gas nitriding process is divided into several stages, in which nozzles and ejectors play a key role:

Soak the parts to be treated in the degreasing tank, use an alkaline solution at 50-60°C, keep stirring, and inject nitrogen from the bottom;
Soak the parts in a rinse tank to remove soap;
Soak the parts in a second tank with low concentration passivating agent and normal temperature water for about 15 minutes;
Rinse with water from the same tank;
to dry.


We focus on providing innovative and reliable solutions, providing customers with services of controlled gas nitriding heat treatment and induction hardening. For the gas nitriding process, the customer requested to equip the first degreasing tank in the gas nitriding process with a water stirring system.

HAPOO Technology Department designed a water mixing system, which is equipped with 4 ejectors on two lines, a total of 8 ejectors, arranged along the entire height of the storage tank.

The tank has a volume of 12 cubic meters or 12,000 liters of aqueous solution at a height of 3 meters.


Two ejector lines ensure continuous circulation of the solution, ensuring excellent treatment results.

Ejectors are energy efficient products that are typically installed in tanks and are pressurized when spraying solutions or mixtures. From this flow, the ejector creates a powerful negative pressure that draws four times the volume of liquid into the injector, mixes it with the solution in the injector, and sprays it back into the tank at high velocity.


Mixing Ejectors: Capable of circulating large volumes of liquid, these ejectors are ideal for continuous mixing and agitation of liquids or solutions in storage tanks.

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