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In the pulp and paper industry, water is one of the main components: in the early stages of paper production, the solution consists of 95-97% water and 3-5% pulp and fibers. Therefore, nozzles, atomizers and related accessories are crucial to the production process of paper mills.

What are the most commonly used nozzles, sprinklers and atomizers in the pulp and paper industry?

1.Stock Preparation
This is the stage where the mixture is transformed into paper. At this stage the properties of the paper (weight, thickness, mattness, etc.) are determined. The feed box is the first section of the continuous machine, in this area the mixture is distributed evenly and continuously over the forming area of the paper machine.

The moisture in the fibrous tissue is then removed by means of an absorption box. At the end of the canvas area, the dry content of the paper is 18-20%.

3.Press section
At this stage, the mixture is dehydrated by introducing it between steel cylinders covered with superabsorbent felt. The pressure the cylinder exerts on the mixture forces the water out.

In the final stage, the paper is rolled up to form the master roll, which is then cut in the converting area.

Nozzle selection for pulp and paper production:

Direct Jet Nozzle:

For paper trimming and edge finishing applications. These nozzles produce a high impact needle jet, ideal for perfect, precise and clean edge finishing without dust generation. The tip of the nozzle is made of high-quality polished ruby, which produces a needle jet suitable for precise cutting.


A hybrid air/liquid atomizer uses the cutting action of compressed air to divide a liquid jet into tiny droplets. These atomizers can be used in pulp mills and converting processes for static charge removal, bonding with acrylic adhesives, spraying perfumes or additives, wetting and handling applications. Standard components for nebulizers are available in different shapes and angles, flow rates and working styles to make them great for any application.

Our range of nozzles, sprinklers and atomizers offers a wide selection for the pulp and paper industry. Visit our dedicated product area for the pulp and paper industry for more details.

Contact us for more information, for applications with special connection requirements, dimensions, angles, capacities and materials not found in the catalogue, we can research the most suitable solution for each requirement.

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