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HAPOO offers solutions that ensure accurate foam removal from paper recycling bins.

Industry Application Scenarios

The cellulose fibers of paper can be recycled multiple times for many processing cycles.
By collecting delivered paper and cardboard separately, “secondary raw materials” can be obtained and used to produce new paper products. The paper recycling process takes place in a dedicated plant and is divided into seven stages.
The resulting slurry can then be started into the most suitable production cycle. During some stages foaming may develop in the tanks due to chemicals and it is essential to eliminate this and return the water to the plant


Our technical department was involved in designing a system to eliminate foam in paper recycling plants. During paper recycling, the pulp and water may form some foam in the tank. Eliminating foam is critical to getting water back into use. Therefore, it is crucial to investigate a system with nozzles and multiple heads. Our technical department was involved in designing a system to eliminate foam in paper recycling plants.


Our technical department has designed a multi-head and spiral nozzle system to reduce foam.
The system consists of two types of E-spiral spray nozzles arranged so that the spray overlap does not exceed the trough boundary. This optimizes fluid and energy consumption. A total of 4 nozzles were used, one with an opening angle of 90° and the other 3 nozzles with an opening angle of 120°.The nozzle is 80cm away from the water surface, and the area of the tank is 14m2.

Advantage:The nozzles selected effectively covered the entire tank area, successfully reducing foam


Spiral full cone nozzle

The full cone nozzle adopts the principle of spray deflection, and the required spray angle is deflected by the spiral curved surface. Their unique shape minimizes clogging and produces wider spray coverage than other nozzles under the same operating conditions

We have extensive experience in the nozzle field and offer a wide range of products including multi-head nozzle systems and spiral nozzles. By understanding its characteristics and application scenarios, you can choose the nozzle solution that best suits your needs. Welcome to contact our professional team, we look forward to providing you with more understanding and more clear and concise solutions.

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