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Tank cleaning nozzles | High vs standard pressure

What are the differences between the two types of tank cleaning nozzles? When to choose a high-pressure tank cleaning device or a standard pressure one?

HAPOO provides you with a wide range of tank cleaning nozzles, including static, rotary, motorized or guided. Among these, we can also distinguish between different types of supply pressure: high pressure and standard pressure tank cleaning nozzles.

So, what is the difference between high pressure and standard pressure tank cleaning nozzles? When to choose high pressure storage tank cleaning equipment or standard pressure equipment?

High pressure tank cleaning nozzle

High-pressure tank cleaning nozzles refer to cleaning equipment with a working pressure exceeding 35 bar. Thanks to the powerful impact of the high-pressure spray, the average liquid consumption of the high-pressure spray ball cleaning is lower, compared with the low-pressure tank cleaning head. Disposal of waste liquid is costly in the company budget and the high pressure washer head saves money by reducing water consumption considerably.

Advantages and disadvantages of high-pressure tank cleaning nozzles


high impact low water consumption Suitable for small and medium tanks and containers shortcoming: High energy consumption compared to other cleaning equipment

Standard pressure tank cleaning nozzle

We define “standard pressure” as tank cleaning equipment operating at a pressure below 35 bar. These devices have a wetting radius of up to 11 meters (such as the UBT S460 with an operating pressure of 10 bar) and are therefore suitable for cleaning large storage tanks.

Advantages and disadvantages of standard pressure storage tank cleaning nozzles


Cleaning of large tanks and vessels, even medium to large sizes Lower energy consumption compared to high pressure tank cleaning nozzles Low and medium impact water consumption standard

Pressure comparison table for tank cleaning nozzles

Type: Tank Cleaning Nozzle Recommended Operating Pressure For Soil Type

Type of tank cleaning nozzlesRecommended operating pressuresType of soil
STANDARD PRESSURE | STATIC1 – 10 BARNon-viscous fluids
STANDARD PRESSURE | FREE SPINNING1,5 – 10 BARNon-viscous and viscous fluids
HIGH-PRESSURE35 – 150 BARCohesive solids
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