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Nozzles are often small components in a more complex industrial installation, but their importance cannot be overlooked.

Nozzles that are not properly maintained can cause damage to any system, and the associated costs can be quite high, both for the planet’s environment and for the company’s economy.

Many customers choose to do nozzle maintenance and cleaning in summer. We have previously discussed the importance of choosing the right material for your nozzle and three ways to save water. In this article, we’ll cover five tips to ensure your nozzles are well maintained.

1 . Clean the nozzle regularly

While many cleaning operations are primarily performed during the summer months, we recommend maintaining a high level of cleanliness in misting systems year-round.

Nozzles should only be cleaned with an appropriate tool or product for their type of material. If not cleaned properly, the nozzle orifice and its components can easily become damaged, which can affect the nozzle’s performance, distort the spray pattern, and increase the nozzle’s capacity. In the event of a stubborn clogging problem, we recommend soaking the clogged orifice in a non-abrasive chemical cleaner to soften or dissolve the clogging material.

Mechanism of fouling in nozzles
Many substances used in spray systems may produce deposits depending on the composition of the liquid being sprayed. For example, a product sprayed with horizontal nozzles that produces biofilm or sticky residues may produce fairly hard deposits during the summer break, affecting the performance of the spray system when activity resumes.

Sediment Type Details
crystallization crystals formed from a solution of a dissolved substance
Particle deposition Small suspended particles such as clay, silt or iron oxide deposits on heat transfer surfaces
Biological growth (biofouling) Deposition and growth of organic films, biofilms composed of microorganisms and their products
Chemical reaction at the fluid/surface interface Part of the fluid reacts to produce insoluble species
Corrosion Material of heat exchange surfaces reacts with components of the fluid to form corrosion products on the surface, a specific type of chemical reaction deposited
Freeze A deposit formed from a frozen layer of a process fluid, such as ice in water or solid fat in food fluids

2 . Monitor nozzle performance (and replace when worn!)

Nozzles can gradually become damaged through wear, and over time the orifice or internal passageway can widen, distorting the spray pattern. This process results in greater flow rates and therefore increased water consumption, which is economically damaging to the company and environmentally damaging to the planet. If this happens, we recommend replacing the nozzle.

3 . Adding Filters to Spray Systems

The liquid source used for spraying may contain particles, dirt or other minerals which may clog the nozzle orifice and cause premature failure of the nozzle. We recommend using a filter that is sized for your system to prevent particles from entering the nozzle.

4 . Choose another material for the nozzle

If the nozzle is exposed to extreme temperatures, harsh environmental conditions, or the spraying of corrosive liquids, consider replacing the nozzle with a more durable material.

Nozzles made of harder materials, such as tungsten carbide, have a higher wear ratio and last longer. Nozzles made of other materials, such as PTFE or PVDF, are best suited for aggressive chemical applications and extend nozzle life. We detail the available material in this newsletter.

5 . Regular Maintenance Inspection

We recommend planning regular inspections and maintenance of your misting system throughout the year. During these maintenance procedures, it is recommended to monitor the following factors:
Check nozzle alignment.
Check nozzle for damage.
Check the quality of the spray pattern.
Monitor flow changes.

To ensure your nozzles and spray systems are performing well, the above tips will help you gain a clear, concise and marketable understanding. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the product or customized advice. Thanks for reading, we look forward to hearing from you

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