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Cyclone tube is a new member of HAPOO product series, which can generate small flow of cold or hot air by using compressed air.

A cyclone is a device capable of producing a small flow of hot and cold air, traditionally used in the craft industry to cool or heat small objects or surfaces. The compressed air is divided into two parts after entering, and flows out through two outlets, thereby generating hot air and cold air.

The strength of this product lies in the type of power it requires: operating only with compressed air, you avoid the problems associated with the use of electricity. Plus, with no moving parts, they don’t require any maintenance and don’t show wear and tear, even after years of use.

Performance of cyclone tube:

Flow: 113-708-2700 slpm @ 7bar
Outlet air temperature: -46°C | +127°C
Inlet compressed air temperature: 25°C
Materials: Body – AISI 316L Stainless Steel, Valves – Brass, Seals – Viton
Maximum ambient temperature: 150°C
Inlet compressed air: 1/8”-1/4”-1/2″ NPT/BSPT
Air conditioner outlet: 1/4”-1” NPT/BSP
Hot air outlet: 1/4”-3/4” NPT/BSPT
Pressure: compressed air pressure 7 bar (max. 8 bar)

Cyclone tube has a wide range of applications:

Cooling: localized cooling of machine tools for processing plastics, metal and wood;
Heat treatment: heat treatment for welding, heat bonding, heat welding, sewing needles, plastic molding;
Cooling and dehumidification: used for cooling and dehumidification of laboratory samples, gases and small environments;
Thermal regulation: electronic control panels for CNC machine tools, industrial PCs, control panels on machines, PLCs and thermal regulation of electric motors;
Generates hot gas: used for plastic processing, hot melt adhesive processing and packaging sealing, without spark and explosion risk;
Cooling: For cooling of workers wearing protective clothing.


Is a convenient, safe and easy-to-use cyclone tube. With no moving parts, it is portable and lightweight. It works only with compressed air and does not use electricity: this feature ensures that the cyclone tube is free from sparks and disturbances. Thanks to its design, it works instantly and requires no cleaning or maintenance.

Welcome to visit our product page to learn more about cyclone tube.

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