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Welcome to HAPOO’s selection guide for quick-fit nozzles and accessories. We’ll introduce you to quick-release nozzles, their accessories, and why you should be using them.HAPOO has been manufacturing and selling quick-fit nozzles, swivel ball nozzles, nipples, retaining nuts and pipe clamps for over forty years.But how to choose among the many types? This guide is designed to help you choose the quick-release nozzle or accessory that best suits your needs.

What are quick fit spray nozzles and accessories?

Quick-fit nozzles and fittings are devices that are easy to assemble and disassemble, even without special tools. In some cases, they can also rotate, and they are usually made of plastic materials.

Available in hinged, cam, dual or single spring, our clamps accommodate a variety of quick-fit nozzles, even disc nozzles. If necessary, a threaded or swivel ball can be installed between the clamp and the quick-connect nozzle and allow the nozzle to be oriented

Generally, the quick-fit nozzle is connected to the liquid supply pipe by a clamp: usually a simple hole is made in the pipe, and the spraying unit (such as clamp, swivel ball, nozzle and fastening nut) is installed

In addition to threaded balls, spherical nozzles can also be used, mounted between clamp and ring nut: they are designed to guarantee adjustability. Finally, the fastening nut secures and fixes the entire spray unit

What is the difference between quick-install nozzles and traditional nozzles?

As the name suggests, the main difference between quick-fit nozzles and traditional nozzles is the way they connect. Quick connect nozzles require a clamp to connect to the liquid supply line. In contrast, conventional nozzles offer a variety of connection options, including threaded, flanged, clamped, or welded

What are the advantages of quick-fit nozzles and accessories?

1 | Quick installation and removal Quick-install nozzles and accessories are characterized by fast installation and removal;

2 | Flexibility These nozzles are easy to adjust and adapt to various needs;

3 | Durability We manufacture many of our snap-on nozzles and fittings from materials such as glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (PP), which ensures high impact resistance, improved mechanical properties and greater tensile strength

How do quick-fit spray nozzles and accessories fit?

All our products are adaptable to the most varied needs, combining a quick and easy assembly and disassembly with the possibility of directing the nozzle spray in every direction.

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